Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Therizinosaurs in Art

It's that time again, artists!  Here is an overview of therizinosaurs in art, where we compile professional reconstructions of the animal in the next Gallery.  March 1st, 2010 is the deadline for submissions for the Therizinosaur Time Capsule!

Therizinosaurs have had a long and convoluted history when it comes to reconstructions.  Meat-eater or plant-eater?  Prosauropod or coelurosaur?  Skin or feathers?  These questions led to wild variations in what a therizinosaur looked like!  Below is a selection of therizinosaurs in art - click to enlarge...

Therizinosaurus by Jason Pederson

Falcarius by Michael Skrepnick

Therizinosaurus by Victor Leshyk

Therizinosaurus by Gabriel Lio

Beipiaosaurus by Gabriel Lio

Therizinosaurus by Luis Rey

Therizinosaurus by Luis Rey

Segnosaurus by Øyvind M. Padron

Beipiaosaurus by Audrey Atuchin


Therizinosaur by Audrey Atuchin

Therizinosaurus by Joe Tuccarione

Meat-eating "therizinosaur" from the game Dino Crisis

Let the comments and discussion about these wonderful maniraptorians begin!  Therizinosaurs Go!