Thursday, November 26, 2009

Prehistoric Times Submissions

(Thanks Mike Fredericks for the image)

I am sure most of you know of the magazine Prehistoric Timesthe mag for dinosaur enthusiasts and collectors of palaeo merchandise.  For those who don't, the magazine also showcases the work of amateur and professional palaeo-artists, with each issue focusing on two specific prehistoric critters.  In fact, many of the artists seen here at ART Evolved have had their work published in Prehistoric Times!  The current issue features brachiosaurs and includes Nima's Brachiosaur Parade!

The next deadline for submissions for art to Prehistoric Times is December 10th, featuring Stegosaurus and Anomalocaris.  We at ART Evolved highly recommend submitting art - not only to be published but also for the opportunity to create discussion.

In fact, as Anomalocaris was featured in a previous ART Evolved gallery,  Craig and I were thinking of submitting some of our pieces together under an "ART Evolved banner."  What we were wondering is: does anyone want to join us in a joint submission?

Leave a comment below, or email us at artevolved at and we'll work something out!
Here is Prehistoric Times' website.


Glendon Mellow said...

I'd love to!

If something fits.

Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

Like that mag since discovering it quite a few years ago.

Love the brachis

Nima's parade is cool too, of course!!

Nima said...

Thanks, Dinorider!

It was a very exciting project, seeing as brahiosaurs are my favorite sauropods (well, alongside titanosaurs anyway).
I'd never seen all the major brachiosaurs in one scale drawing before, so I decided to do the first one (to my knowledge anyway...) Some of these dinosaurs (such as Breviparopus and the Archbishop) have never been restored or illustrated before.

As for Stegosaurus and Anomalocaris... I'm down to submit as a group. We just need to figure out how to organize it but that shouldn't be too hard. I havent drawn a Stego for a long time, so this will be fun.

davidmaas said...

I'd like to try my 3D skeletal reconstruction technique out... ( not sure if I'd make it by the 10th. Have a steg soft-modeled, no sculpting... and no skeleton.

Other than realistic time schedules, thugh - i'm game.

Raptor Lewis said...

I´d love to, but.....I doubt it could be done by the 10th. I´ll definitely try to come up with something by then. Key word: "Try." ;P

And, Nima, congratulations on getting your "Brachiosaur Parade" published, man! I'm impressed! That simple gesture lets me know the magazine's publishers have great tastes in Art! :)

Zach said...

I'd love to, too. However, the deadline is a little scary given that I'm scrambling to find employment. I don't know if I could knock out a good stegosaur in a week.

W.F. said...

That magazine looks good. My next click is going to be the Prehistoric Times link!

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