Monday, June 29, 2009

The Next Time Capsule

It's that time already. Time to announce the next upcoming Time Capsule gallery.

By popular demand, as determined by our gallery poll on the sidebar, the subject of our 2009 invertebrate themed gallery (expect at least one more themed gallery before new years though!) will be...

The first super predators of prehistory, the Anomalocaridids. Made famous by Stephen Jay Gould, along with their palaeo environment of the Burgess Shale, in his book A Wonderful Life. These bizarre shelled arthropods had a unique body design unlike anything alive today. With mushroom stalk like eyes, spiked tentacle like appendages off their snouts, a pineapple shaped month on the bottom of their head, and a strange lining of fins down both sides of their bodies they are a interesting challenge for any palaeo-artist.

Remember we're hoping for submissions of any and all, qualities and abilities, from anyone and everyone with even a vague interest in fossils of palaeontology. Send your submission(s) to

If you are looking for some ideas or inspiration be sure to watch out for our Anomalocarids in art post with previous artwork depicting these amazing creatures. We also to see much more in depth discussion like those seen with the upcoming Pterosaur gallery.

Also be sure to vote on the gallery which will follow the Anomalocaridids in November. The poll can just be found to the right on the sidebar.