Saturday, July 9, 2011


Hey ART Evolved peeps, I have some recent news - the new Scientific American blog network has launched this week!  And I'm on it!

Head over and say welcome to Symbiartic
I'll be co-blogging with scientific illustrator Kalliopi Monoyios about art + science, scientific illustration, copyright issues, how new media change art, data visualization, science cartoons, comics, architecture, photography, fine art and much more. You may remember Kalliopi Monoyios from the blog An Eye for Science, sometimes featured on my Scumble posts on my personal blog, The Flying Trilobite. She was also the illustrator for the books Your Inner Fish by Neil Shubin and Why Evolution is True by Jerry Coyne.

I'm completely thrilled Kalliopi is joining me on this blog, she's tremendous fun and it's been a real collaboration while we worked on getting this ready behind the scenes. Read her introduction post, Visual Beings: Meet Symbiartic, and my first post, Science-art: don't call it "Art". See if you can find ART Evolved on the infographic I created. 
One of the reasons I am so thrilled and honoured to be a part of the SciAm network, is it's a chance to spotlight the importance of illustration, art and images in the role of science communication and education. And few do it better than ART Evolved participants and paleo-artists. Head over and comment!  Let me know what prjects you might be working on at . 

Check out Symbiartic and follow us on Twitter @symbiartic
-Glendon Mellow


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Added to my feed. Looks interesting!

Glendon Mellow said...

Thanks David! Following a bit of a schedule while the network launches but expect to see more from Kalliopi this week! And pretty soon we'll be in full swing.