Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Jurassic Park IV ?What!?

What!? JP4 gets one stage less than Desperate Housewives!?!
Click on the image for more on whether there really is a JP4 or not. If Pixar also makes their Dinosaur film it could be the new age.


Evan said...

I don't know how old that link is, but last I heard, Jurassic Park 4 was cancelled (thankfully) upon the death of Michael Crichton:


Also, a clarification on the "Pixar" dinosaur film, it's actually artists from Disney and Pixar helping out with a Discovery Channel series, "Reign of the Dinosaurs":


Traumador said...

Evan- while the story you cite about the cancellation of JP4 is correct, you need to do as David suggests and click the picture in this post for the full story...

that photo was actually taken at univeral studios (and many others of the same board have now shown up to back it up), and that is THE official filming board. yet the studio won't comment one way or another on whether JP4 is being made or not.

meaning their either secretly filming JP4 or this is a really big prank (as the article states probably with big consequences for the joker).

David Tana said...

Universal Pictures has responded to the image (which does show JPIV slated on an official board) on its Twitter feed saying that the rumor is not true, and JPIV is not being filmed today. They didn't have anything else to say on how it ended up on the official board, but I'm sure someone is going to be looking for new employment as a result.