Thursday, January 27, 2011

ArtEvolved Call-out: Speed Paint Friday

Hello everybody... I've been disciplined enough to keep up more or less daily speed somethings...
No, that's not the news. The news is that I'd like to call you all out to jump in tomorrow and do a speed paint.

Here's the idea:
- go to AskABiologist (a great site with bits about dinosaurs, trilobites, mammoths, etc.)
- select a question / answer from anywhere
- do a half-hour paint, scribble, sculpt or whatever
- post it here with a link to the question that inspired it

- Repeat every Friday

I'll be doing one tomorrow, Friday and you're welcome to join me. We can see if its worth continuing or expanding upon.

Tips to speed-painting:
work rough, don't get caught up on details. If you notice any one area of your paint becoming more detailed than others, go work on those less detailed bits. Have fun, have no fear of sharing catastrophes... its a speed paint.


Trish said...

Great idea, and I found a terrific subject too.

Glendon Mellow said...

This sounds like fun! And I think I can figure out a half hour even with a 1 month old.

Anthony said...

Sounds like a cool idea. I practically do this most days at work during lunch

David Tana said...


what a great idea. I'm completely on board for this week if you decide to give it another go. Sorry I missed the last round!

davidmaas said...

Yeah, it was a good bunch of images! I'll announce this Friday's subject on Thursday. There will definitely be one - and it will be in keeping with illustrating a bit from a valuable blog or website. I think its a neat way to pay back some respect for the efforts these scientists are making.