Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The May Gallery

The votes are in, and the next gallery has been choosen.

Our next gallery will be the "cows of the Cretaceous" the Hadrosaurs. The gallery goes on line May. 1st 2011, so get your palaeo-art on!

If you're new to the site, we accept any and all artwork submitted that is themed around any of our gallery topics. Just send your submission(s), along with any accompanying text you'd like with them, and the link to your website/blog/online picture gallery to our email, and we'll post them!


Albertonykus said...

Hadrosaurs beat theropods. How? That totally ruins everything I thought I knew about public perceptions. XD

Traumador said...

yeah we theropods have been having a rough time lately... er well at least us non-avian theropods.

troodons lost last time too. was kind hoping i could post a friend missing post for zendin in that gallery if it happened. oh well. just have to look for him myself i guess ;)

Albertonykus said...

That's too bad, Traum. I really wish you at least find out what's going on with Zendin, too. But it was still some type of theropod last time; this time it's one of those, those ornithischians!

Alas, with the general teatment and representation of ornithsichians compared to theropods in pop culture, I confess that the duckbills have more right to the occasional spotlight. But its not as though hesperornithines are particularly prominent theropods in pop culture!