Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Quick Reminders

There certainly has been a lot going on here on ART Evolved and the greater Palaeo-art world this past month. Between lots of new members added to our roster and a bunch of inflammatory emails by a certain celebrity Palaeo-artist it is not surprising we've been busy lately. Amongst all the hustle and bustle we thought a quick reminder would be good, as there are a few things coming up real soon on the ART Evolved agenda. The most urgent (in that it has a deadline) is the Hadrosaur gallery at the end of the month. Please try to throw together a Duckbill Dinosaur of some sort for May. 1st. We accept any and all submissions. Just fire them off to us at Secondly we just wanted to remind people that we are still looking for submissions for our team up with Ask a Biologist. They are looking for promotional material to help spread the word about their site. We here at ART Evolved think this is a fantastic web based initiative and it needs our help. So please consider creating something they can use to advertise their site!