Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Transitional ART Forms

We thought it might be time to try out our Palaeo-art roundup, Transitional ART Forms, again.

This new edition of the series will not be as ambitious as the first, and will only be featuring weekly Palaeo-art content sent to us at or that appears in my reading list (Craig. I do subscribe to a lot of the usual suspects, but to make sure your art gets a plug be sure to email the link for your piece to me!)
So without further ado here are the palaeo-art activities that caught my attention this week.

A Stegosaur and Olorotitan WIP over at Art by Angie.

James Gurney shows off some Dinotopia stuff.

The Weapon of Mass Imagination is working on a 3D Corythosaur.

Love in the time of Chasmosaur shares an old Dinosaur sticker album.