Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Friday Speed Paint David Tana

Sorry this is totally MY bad that this is late, not David's- Craig

I know it's real rough, but here is my submission for the "speed paint" this week. Thanks again for the opportunity to participate!

"Alligators vs watermelon: the final battle"Inspired by Darren Naish's post from Tetrapod Zoology of the same name, an Alligator mississippiensis takes on a pile of Citrullus lanatus. Created with an HB #2 graphite pencil on notebook paper, done on my lunch break in the office in under 30 minutes.


David Tana


davidmaas said...

Better late than never! Looks good...
this week we'll take on Dave Hone.

David Tana said...

Craig, no need to apologize. I've certainly made plenty of late submissions to ART Evolved on my own. In fact, I just realized the multiple gallery pieces I was submitting for the Paleo Project Challenge have been sitting in my draft folder for over a month now, waiting for me to hit send. I'm such a doofus that you certainly get a pass.

Time to start hunting for a good Archosaur Musings title...