Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Palaeo Animation

Wanted to open a new discussion here about art in animation. I've been experimenting with some software called Graphic Design Studio. I want to add an eye that blinks to my camarasaurus head that I created for the live blog but my first attempts have been rejected by my blogsite. I can't upload it. Does anyone out there know if I can save it somehow into a file that is recognised by blogger? Do I need different software? I thought it would be an interesting new gallery - Just short, fun animations- a picture that moves.


Traumador said...

It depends on how you saved it.

If it is an animated GIF or JPEG, blogger will not upload them on its own. You'll need to upload it to an outside server, such as photobucket (flickr may now support this format... but last time I tried it last year, it did not) and upload it via the URL provided by that site.

If you have the option to render or save your animation as a proper movie file, like a mpeg or avi, then you can upload it as a video directly onto blogger. It is a different upload option beside photo uploads.

Hope that was of help. Sadly I don't know anything about that specific software, but I do know the pain of uploading animated picture files onto blogger!

Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

For Gif files I would use Imageshack.com because Photobucket tended to reduce the file size and sometimes the animations ended up being Liliputsized. With Imageshack I never had that problem.
Flickr had some problems with animations a few years ago but recently I've had no problems with those files. I uploaded an animation to my flickr photostream so I could use that same animation in my blog. The one condition for using a flickr animation in a blog is choosing the original size in that "sizes" feature they have. If you choose any of the other sizes you will get just a jpg so ... no animation!

Rachael said...

Thanks guys- will try out your advice.

Anonymous said...