Thursday, October 15, 2009


Hi everyone - Rachael here

As part of ART Evolved's Live Blog weekend - (Mine's starting early!) I'll be posting the progress of my painting on my blog

I'll be painting live from 10:00 GMT -Friday 16th October- a camarasaurus head . Sadly it's just the painting process that is live not the camarasaurus itself, though that would be really something to write about.

All the gritty and grimey detail included - rough drawings - any paper stretching disasters - paint explosions - embarrasing cock ups etc. Be my guest to join me on my journey in multi colour gouache.


Glendon Mellow said...


Going to be a great weekend, I'm sure.

Peter Bond said...

Can't wait Rachel! An truly Epic weekend indeed!

Peter Bond said...

Still having a hard time commenting on your blog posts. Is anyone else having the same problem? What ID choice do you choose?

Rachael said...

Hi Peter,

It's probably something I've done :-/
I'm a bit useless with anything technical. I'm in as ID 'Rachael'. Craig's managed to leave comments so I just dont know what's happening with it. It's alive!
If you can think of anything I might have done to block you let me know
(and also how I can change it)
What ID should I be using?