Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Paleoart of Julius Csotonyi

I just got my hands on a copy of The Paleoart of Julius Csotonyi, and I have to say it is a mighty fine tome of palaeo-art!
The Paleoart of Julius Csotonyi, brought to you by Titan Books at places like here.
I'll do a more detailed review later this week. However if you like palaeo-art and/or specifically the work of the modern master Julius Csotonyi buy this book.

It contains the majority of Mr. Csotonyi's pieces. They are of a very high quality, and the book is beautifully put together. For the mere day I've had it on the coffee table has been perused by the twice.

So stay tuned for my deeper look into the book later in the week. However trust me, it is worth picking up ;)


Hadiaz said...

"So stay tuned for my deeper look into the book later in the week."

When you do, would you mind answering the following questions? AFAIK, there's been next to no helpful info about Csotonyi's new book online. I even messaged Steve White about it at DA, but he never got back to me w/answers. Many thanks in advance.

1stly, does Csotonyi's new book cover dino paleobiology to a large extent (at least 50%)? Put another way, is it more like “Dinosaur Imagery” (His paleoart + his scientific commentary on his paleoart) or “Dinosaur Art” (His paleoart + his working method & distinct style)?

2ndly, is Csotonyi's new book more for “casual readers” or “the enthusiast” ( )?

Craig Dylke said...

1. Yes the majority of the book is Dinosaurs, but there is a smattering of other stuff in there.

Basically the book is broken into time period sections, and the bulk of which is Mesozoic. It starts in the Permian, and has some mammal time periods as well (writing this at work... the book is at home).

2. It is not a text heavy volume. Mostly a (very) pretty picture book. It is a more picture heavy version of the Dinosaur Art book by the same people. If you liked that, you'll like this.

There is a small text section at the beginning of about 10-12 pages (I haven't finished reading it yet), and the rest is pure art, with small blurbs.

So I'd say overall it is aimed at art lovers. There isn't a lot of text for the casual or enthusiast.

This would be a fantastic book for the young Dinosaur lover. It communicates a ton of modern Dino science without any words!