Thursday, May 8, 2014

Guest Artist- Nikos Par

We have a guest posting here on ART Evolved. Say hi to Nikos. I'll let his words and art doing the rest of talking.


"Greetings to all dinofans!
I am Nikos from Greece and  i create prehistoric animal models for hobby. i am interested in creating accurate models based on scientific publications (bone lengths,ratios, even colors! if there is available data).
I post here to share my creations, discuss with other paleoartists and listen to  new ideas to continue my work....  

In the pictures u can see a Tyrannosaurus rex head model scaled (1/5) created from liquid latex, all proportions are scientific accurate and the size of the eyeball is based on published scientific calculations. Also u can see few feathers on the back of the neck because available data suggest that T-rex had feathers at least as juvenile. ''

Thanks for the feedback and I would like to ask u if i can post here videos with animatronics dinosaurs....