Monday, January 2, 2012

We lose Dan Varner

Palaeo-art great Dan Varner has passed away this new year.

Tylosaur attacking a Hesperornis by Dan Varner

He was a very proficient and influential palaeo-artist, known especially for his reconstructions of prehistoric marine environments.

Dan will be missed, and we here at ART Evolved extend our well wishes and sympathies to his family and friends.


Peter Bond said...

Agreed. :( He was an incredibly talented painter and I am continuously inspired by his work!

daughter of chaucer said...

His work is lovely. Rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

I agree. His art had so much life in it. He will be missed.

- Leelan

Dr. Charles C. Fuller said...

I just learned of Dan Varner walking on. The obit in Oceans of Kansas says things well. For me, he always had infectious enthusiasm that was contagious, and he helped to put me in contact with the curators of a "Brontosaurus" my father found in the Black Hills. It is an honor to have crossed paths with him.