Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dan Varner Tribute Gallery

With the passing of palaeoart great Dan Varner, and us needing a new Gallery topic for 2012's second gallery in May, we (Craig and Peter) thought a tribute to a departed great would be a fitting theme.

As of such we're holding a poll themed around the topics Mr. Varner famously brought back from deep time for a Dan Varner tribute gallery.

Please vote.

Also don't forget the Feathered Dinosaur gallery at the end of this month.


davidmaas said...

Why not a Dan Varner homage gallery? Everyone can do what they feel is appropriate or interesting...

Traumador said...

We were going to do that. I just wanted a specific animal to do a logo for... Peter doesn't like the wide open galleries, and I follow his logic based on the participation the last few general topic galleries generated.

However even if say Mosasaurs win, we'll happily post a shark in there too.

davidmaas said...

/me tries to brainwrap that.

Feels to me, if its a mosasaur gallery, than thats' what it is. If it's a about paying tribute to Dan Varner, than that's what it should be... metatags can than order the specific titles for future searches, etc.

Shutting up.... now.

Pete VonSholly said...

you can also check for some pix and info

Pete VonSholly said...

sorry! it's