Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dave Hone invites...

This is likely to garner some excitement among the evolved... Dave hone has called for artists to work on a new paper. Its an experiment and experience more than a commission, however, and might prove to be a prototype of matchmaking for artist-scientist collaborations.


Jack Pollock said...

I really appreciated Traumador's comments on Archosaur Musings, re: "Want to do some dinosaur art?". I'm an avid reader of DHAM and a huge admirer of the work he's doing.

I've already spoken on this issue on Art Evolved and will in future probably stand mute on it because as an infrequent commenter I don't really want to belabor this one issue and would love, if time allows to be more involved in more positive discussions.

I definitely think the benefit of paying professionals is not just about the artist getting fair compensation for her/his work. It also serves those who are commissioning the work. I've seen so many instances of art directors (I haven't worked with any scientists) get shafted by a dilettante.

A pro with a track record is a much safer bet for the person hiring.

Everyone has to start somewhere and we want to get more new people out there working in the field whatever kind of art it is. And paying for it will help the newcomer.

Getting paid for work pays bills and ensures that the new artist won't suddenly have to bail on a low/no pay commitment because they have to divert their time to more pressing realities.

Anyway, it's a free market and I respect that so if art will become a sideline or a hobby instead of a profession, oh well... I've cut way back on freelance work, myself because of this issue. I haven't even maintained my old site for years. The rates grow smaller. The requests grow bigger. It stopped being worth it.

It's cool that like Maas, Hone offers some opportunities to get some anatomical insights and info etc. that might be hard or impossible to get otherwise, but I can't help thinking that that was part of the Scientist/Paid Artist relationship anyway.

Again, thanks for the time and thought you put into this stuff.


jack Pollock said...

I meant to "Person", not "Maas" in paragraph 8. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jack,
Dave's intent is far from exploitative, and I know even with good intentions this sort of thing can actually *be* exploitative.
This is why there is no "winner" and all participants will get equal exposure and can choose to have their stuff offered to the media.

If you look at it as a workshop or tutorial with feedback from a palaeontologist it's closer to the mark.
Dave and I did discuss this project and raised all of the same concerns that Craig(Traumandor) did, which is why Dave is going to pains to make sure people understand the concept.
Saying all that, those who participate will be pretty happy with the subject matter, I'm having to resist diving in myself!

Jack Pollock said...

Oh, agreed. I don't think Dr. Hone's *intent* is exploitative. I think he's a scientist, probably working on a shoestring of a grant or whatever and is trying to do something mutually beneficial.

A great number of people requesting art for low/no pay aren't exploitative. It's just perpetuating the cycle.

I'm actually just trying to figure this stuff out for myself. I think the way blog comments, written in haste and all, tend to come out is often soapboxy, and I really never intended that. I'm literally trying to figure out if, in the long run these things are good for artists or not.

I'm torn because I love the sciences, especially paleontology. I married a scientist (psychology) and have seen how shoestring funding is and I personally already donate time volunteering in a science museum paleo prep lab where I live - because I see the need for this kind of communication and all...

Again, also see this as a way for people who are serious about this art to get some training working with a real paleontologist and anatomist.

You've already heard the other side I'm seeing so... aww hell.

Anyway it's all probably good and probably too bad you won't be participating. I've directed people, in the past to your site to view your take on prehistory documentaries with the superfluously growly kitty. Dead on the money and beautiful. Great stuff.