Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Bite Stuff

I'm not sure how I missed it for so long, and I'm sure many of our members have long known about its existence, but I just discovered Jaime Headden's blog The Bite Stuff.

If you haven't seen Jaime's site go check it out, there is a treasure trove of palaeo-reconstruction articles to be seen!

(I do note I'm going off SVPOW claiming this blog is by Jaime Headden, as I can not find the blog's author's name anywhere obvious on the site...)


Albertonykus said...

Jaime Headden's name appears under the "posted by" line under each post if you want confirmation.

Traumador said...

Not on my puter, whatever plugins or settings are active with Wordpress' display are simply giving me a voting gidget and that's all under each post. Additionally as there is nothing on the sidebar, this was meant as a polite headsup to Jaime that some people might miss who to credit for the blog.

Anonymous said...

It is, indeed, the blog of one Jaime A. Headden who, occasionally, does reconstructions and such.

Albertonykus said...

I see now, the "posted by" line doesn't appear to be visible when you look at the complete posts. It's only there under the post previews on the main page.

Traumador said...

Jaime- I certainly have noticed, and am loving going through your posts so far!

I just mention the lack of a clear name on your blog as a friendly FYI. I had to search your name out in a google search (I couldn't find an easy way to click out of specific posts into the "general" preview page for your blog either...)

The issue of new audiences finding an artist easily, has been bugging me since the excellent post on Symbiartic

I suffer from the opposite end of the spectrum where my art and virtual ID are too spread out with too many names (a response to cyber stalking).