Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What's Wrong With Deinonychus?

Hi again everyone, I'm here to tease an upcoming post in my (apparently) ongoing series of trying to shed light on potential anatomical errors that many paleoartists, including myself, have trouble trying to address.

First up let me apologize to Nobu Tamura! I'm sorry I keep using your pictures in these examples (last time it was Hesperornis). But, as an excellent and highly prolific artist, odds are that if I need to find an otherwise perfectly accurate picture that happens to illustrate one obscure feature that I just now realized was inaccurate, you'll probably have one ready for me ;)

So, with that said, above is NT's awesome illustration of a Deinonyhcus antirrhopus flock feeding on carrion. In a day or so I'll have a new post discussing something that shows an aspect of this illustration to be inaccurate. Any guesses?

--Matt Martyniuk


Anonymous said...

Feathers, stance?

A. G. said...

Probably wrong, but I'll take a stab at it anyway:

The position of the forelimbs is not possible for Deinonychus and most other non-avian dinosaurs, because the glenoid must be oriented laterally to allow the type of forelimb movements used by Avians for flight?

HAJiME said...

The tail should be rigid?

Nobu Tamura said...

Hey Matt, no need to apologize, especially considering that it means a new great post of yours will be coming soon :)
A few things that I could think of. First the wrists are going beyond their possible range of motion (the angle between the fingers and radius-ulna in dromies should not exceed 60 degrees as demonstrated by biomechanical studies). It's difficult to say from the Deinonychus in the front as the arms are viewed from the side, but the one in the back show an angle close to 90 degrees). Second the scene is depicted in broad daylight, while dromies like many other theropods were probably nocturnal as recented pointed out from a studies of the scleric ring proportions. Third, the second finger should probably not be that visible either...I am sure there are other more obscure details as well.

Albertonykus said...

I'm going to guess the wrist motion, too, as this has been brought up on Wikipedia.

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