Monday, May 2, 2011

New ART Evolved Blood!

 You may have noticed there have been a few new faces posting on ART Evolved, as well as new blogs on the crew blogroll (on the right).  As ART Evolved begins its third year, we've been beefing up our membership!  Please give a warm welcome to our new contributors:
 We look forward to the participation of these wonderful artists and scientists!  Be sure to click on all the links and check out all their fantastic artwork!

REMINDER!  The Hadrosaur Time Capsule will be opening tomorrow or the next day, so be sure to send in your duck-billed artwork to!


David Bressan said...

I’m not sure if there is a wrong link at Fabio Pastori - it directs me to Pond´s blog (?) – in case here

I appreciated Pastori´s colourful depictions published in a (unfortunately) short lived journal about palaeontology named appropriately “Dinosauri!” and didn’t know Santino Mazzei (shame on me) – despite the problems and the general lack of interest by the authorities fortunately there is a vigorous paleoart community in Italy …

Peter Bond said...

Thanks for catching that, David! I've gone in and changed Pastori's link, so it will work now. There is such talent in this group of artists!

Also, Santino Mazzei often goes by the name of 'Darthsantusso' when blogging.