Thursday, June 10, 2010

Trilobites in Art

Once more into the breach, my friends!  Here, with less then 3 week until the Trilobite Gallery goes live, it's time for ART Evolved to showcase the work of professional artists and their take on our arthropod friends.

Here is a small overview of with Trilobites in Art!

I have not tried to name the specific trilobite genus or orders, as I honestly don't know them and would probably just embarrass myself!  If anyone feels the need, be my guest and label them in the comments section.

For a fantastic source on trilobite orders and inspiration, check out Sam Gon III's great website!

Trilobites by Ernst Haeckel

Trilobites by Heinrich Harder

Trilobites by Zdenek Burian

Trilobite (on the right) by Charles R. Knight

Trilobites by Sam Gon III

Trilobite Orders by Sam Gon III

Spiky Trilobite by Sam Gon III

Trilobite by Melissa A. Benson

Comic Trilobites by our own Marek Eby

Flying Trilobite by our own Glendon Mellow (more here and here!)

CG Trilobite by our own Craig Dylke

More CG Trilobites by Surface Vision

Trilobite toy by Bullyland (I own this guy!)

Stuffed Trilobite by Weird Bug Lady! (more here and here!)

Trilo-kite by Cambridge Natural History Museum (photo by me)

Metal Trilobite by Jud Turner

I've attempted to pull together artists using different mediums (traditional paint, CG, sculpture, etc), which probably indicates my own definitions of palaeo-art (coming soon!)  

Hopefully, these wonderful pieces inspire you to create your own wonderful trilobites, which will soon be scuttling out of the July's Trilobite Time Capsule!

Send in your trilobite art to!