Sunday, January 31, 2010

Live Blogging in February

With so many early submissions arriving for the Therizinosaurs (thanks to all those who've sent them in ALREADY!... this is the first time in ART Evolved history we've had pieces well over a month in advance!) it is time for those of us who haven't quite got there to remedy this situation.

As of such prepare for some...
LIVE Blogging!

The schedule for this round (so far) is as follows:
  • Sometime in this week both Craig and Peter will be starting what they are hoping to be a most epic (and first ever) duo person Live Blog. They will be starting up at about 8-9am Pacific Coast time.
It is not too late to live blog, or more to the point have your live blogging effort added to the list above! If you are planning on live blogging just let us know where (your site or blog that the updates will be appearing on) and when (with the date and rough time zone). You can either tell us in the comment section of this post or send us an email to
Till then happy live blogging!


Peter Bond said...

Check out Tricia's live-blogging on her blog! Love the concept!

Rachael said...

Well done to Anthony and Tricia. Lots of movement in both artists work. Lovely drawings.

Will be doing mine 19th Feb GMT 10am.

Experimenting with a good old fashioned lino cut- not done one for quite a few years so it could be a disaster! I'm a sucker for punishment LOL!

Rachael said...

I'm just about to start on my live blog- if there's anyone out there whose not tucked up in bed across the globe -??
I'm completely out of my comfort zone with this lino block so here goes...

Anonymous said...

What is Live-Blogging?

Peter Bond said...

Hi 5affy,

Thanks for asking! Live-blogging is where someone posts progress on an art piece over time, as they do it! It's a wonderful insight into the artist's process!

Anonymous said...

Ah cool so if I just posted each stage instead of just doing a big write up at the end like I normally do that would count?

Of course this might involve me fixing my image uploader first!

Thanks muchly