Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Animated Victorian Dinosaur

My first animation test cylce on Mr. Iguanodon. It is too fast, but if the overall motions slow down, it should move with a sense of bulk and mass.

To my knowledge this is the first time a Waterhouse Dawkins style Dinosaur has been animated. I'm not boasting, I'm legitimately curious. Does anyone know of another time this has been done?

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The Eurypterid said...

Looks cool. I highly approve. :)

Looking at alligators walking, they tend to keep the top half of the tail quite stiff, with the spine at the base of the hips doing the wiggling. And the legs tend to be pushed out as the animal walks, then drawn back to the midline when they take their next step, letting them take bigger steps as they move side to side.

In elephants, they keep their feet slightly more to the inside of their body than the joint at the top. They also move so that one foot is stepping at a time- apart from the very end of a back foot's step, where the front foot is lifted and the back foot is placed in the exact place the front foot was standing on.

I'd recommend messing about with your animations a little to see if it'd make them flow better, based on elephants and crocs. I don't know how hard it is to rig models, so changing where the animals bends (as with the croc suggestion) might be impractical, but changing how and where they place their footsteps might make them look a little heavier. Hope this helps! :)