Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Master Harryhausen Passes Away

A true palaeo-artist (artist in every since really) has left us. Movie animator Ray Harryhausen.

Decades before Jurassic Park, Harryhausen brought out some of the most definitive Dinosaurs to ever hit motion pictures, in addition to many other amazing and engaging monsters and creatures.

Considering he did this slow movement by meticulously movement by himself over the course of weeks sometimes it is no small achievement. Given the armies of artists it takes to make equal visuals these days, I think it is very safe to say the world has just lost a true master.

One of the most powerful Dinosaur recreations I recall from my childhood is the caveman vs. Allosaurus fight from One Million BC. I still love watching this film to this day (with the added bonus of in adulthood the boring parts with Racquel Welch suddenly are more watch-able :P)