Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The 2nd Pop Culture Gallery

Happy September everyone! 
After our first three-month gap between galleries, we bring you the next gathering of stunning artwork - all about the fusion of prehistoric critters and pop culture!  We had so much fun the first go around, it's time for our 2nd Pop Culture Gallery!

 If you would like to add your art to these talented folk, simply send Art Evolved your work and we will add it to this gallery!  Our address is

Without further ado, ART Evolved's 2nd Pop Culture Gallery.

PLEASE Click on each to ENLARGE them:

 Alien Raptor by Yul AltolaguirreZancajo
--> The Raptor Alien, also known as the Raptor Xenomorph, is a Xenomorph spawned from theropod dinosaurs like the dromaeosaurids.

 The Eleventh Doctor Riding a Brachylophosaurus by Harrison Cooper

 Tweet Tweet by the Doctor Smnt2000

Not all canaries are pretty... Starring Teratophoenus as Tweety's grandpa

 Andrewsarchus Does Everyone A Favour! by James Appleby

 Claws of War by Craig Dylke

 Dapper Raptor by Peter Bond
Revision of Disney's Dinosaur... by Trish Arnold
Perry the Castorocauda by Albertonykus
Did I just reference Dinosaur Revolution and Phineas and Ferb at the same time? Yes, yes I did.

For those unfamiliar with one or both of the references, the song is a parody of Perry the Platypus's theme song from Phineas and Ferb. The events depicted are modified from a sequence from the Discovery Channel documentary-drama-comedy-thing show Dinosaur Revolution where the near-mammal Castorocauda escapes from a pair of the basal tyrannosauroid Guanlong after spraying them with (entirely speculative) skunk-like musk.

Also, this will probably make more sense now.
My Little Maniraptor by Albertonykus
I'll deny everything.

First though, some assorted observations I noted while doing this:
-Plausible explanation for eyelashes: ground hornbills have them.

-Isn't it ironic for a small ceratopsian to have a crush on an oviraptorosaur?

-Applejack is farming a close Mesozoic relative of modern custard apples.

-I figured that dresses would be pretty superfluous for sapient maniraptors when you already have candy-colored feathers growing out of your hands and tail. Here Rarity is instead an expert on feather maintenance. Her mannequins have detachable feathers that can be replaced, so she can do designs based on the many different color schemes of her customers. She probably does design some clothing as well, but I suspect sapient maniraptors wouldn't wear anything much more extravagant than a cloak, like Trixie does.

-How do you show a female maniraptor is a tomboy? She's (the most) colorful. Incidentally, her color scheme appears to suggest that she leaves a triple quadruple(!) rainbow in her wake at top speed.

-I couldn't find a way to fit a crown on Celestia's head. I suppose if you have a huge crest on your head a crown becomes superfluous.
A revisit to"The Planet of the Dinosaurs" by Santino Mazzei
 "Elvisaurus" by Santino Mazzei
We hope you have enjoyed our second go round with pop culture creatures!  If you want to join in the fun, send your work to

Stay tuned for our announcement of the next gallery in December (which will be quite dinosaurian in topic! :)