Friday, September 17, 2010

November Gallery will feature Elephants!

As the elephants beat saber-toothed cats and whales by a trunk in our latest poll, they will be the featured creature for
ART Evolved's November Gallery!

So get out your pens and paper, pixels and play-doh! Create your own elephant, mammoth, mastodon, stegodon, stegomastodon, or gomphothere, and submit it to!

UPDATE: The deadline for this prolific paleo-pachyderm party is
November 1, 2010


Sarah Snell-Pym said...

Are you looking for specific elephant relatives as somethings look like they should be related but aren't (relatively speaking).

Probably a stupid question!


Peter Bond said...

Not a stupid question, Sarah! Elephants and elephant cousins and relatives... Um, I think the answer to your question is... yes? Anyway, we aren't too fussy here!