Tuesday, April 27, 2010


So things don't get to boring and predictable around here, ART Evolved proudly launches another article series for your enjoyment.

This series plans on tackling the more academic and intellectual aspects of Palaeo-art. In our new "Philosofossilising" we are boldly thinking where no Palaeo-artist has thought before... At least on ART Evolved :P

We are going to be examining the various philosophic aspects and ramifications of when you mix Palaeontology and Art together. This series is going to be an editorial point of view series where we bring up a topic and then people respond with debate style essays. The idea being no one writer's opinion will be the definitive say on the topic.

We are also encouraging all readers to participate, whether you are an ART Evolved member or not. We want as many points of view on the topics as possible. So if you have something to say on the topic raised write it up for us, and we'll post it!

Like always we welcome comments on these posts, but if your comment on a particular essay turns into a big rebuttal you may find your comment suddenly becoming a post in the series. So please no complaining, as we've given you fair warning. Again the point of Philosofossilising is an open debate, not one to be hidden away in the comment section.

So put on your thinking caps and enjoy the big ideas we'll be exploring soon!