Saturday, March 27, 2010

Communicating science; just do it

I'm not sure how to insert youtube links here, so I point to my blog to see some videos put out by two science institutions to the internet, then Craig's Traumador internet series (I'll call it that) and an interview with Scott Sampson. I think there's a lot more potential for artists to assist scientists in communicating science than is currently being tapped, and these media releases all confirm this idea. Feedback?
If any of you have any links to other interesting projects, please post them here. There is also a new podcast on dinosaurs... unfortunately, I've lost the blog it was at. Anyone?


Peter Bond said...

Yeah, there is so much science education and communication I'd love to be involved with. It's really the whole point of what we do!

Zach and Scott's cool palaeo-podcast is The Dinorama Podcast at Give it a listen!

davidmaas said...

Peter, that's it. Very cool. I'll update my post to include it.
Forgot the link:

Also... I've been extremely busy of late, but hvae managed to further two pieces that I'll be entering to the Lanzendorf competition I mentioned. If anyone else has entered, let's pool our entries here in the coming week!

Glendon Mellow said...

I totally agree, more artists should show off their passion for science and speak whenever possible.

For my own street-cred, I've spoken at ScienceOnline 2 years in a row, facilitated about art+science at SciBarCamp and recently spoke at the Centre for Inquiry. This year's ScienceOnline will be up online eventually, their working their way through the conference and putting it all on Youtube.

It's an important endeavor. It shows the thrill of science can touch anyone, in any discipline.

I'm pretty excited about the Dinorama podcast. Way to go, our Alaskan compatriots!

Brett said...


I've thought about sending some stuff in, but after looking at some of the past winners... I'm not sure.

I'll have to think about it some.


Weapon of Mass Imagination said...

David- Thanks for the shout out on the Traum stuff. Hopefully I'll get the proper Bird/Dinosaur link video that clip is from up on the web this year.

I'm sadly in Brett's boat and shying away from the competition this year.

Though frankly Brett should reconsider his none participation. He is way more talented than myself!!!

I am still not at the pro level by any stretching of the imagination. Maybe in another year or two (if I can keep my leaps and bounds going like I have been in the last 3 years)

davidmaas said...

I've encountered a meltdown of hardware and software. Scaling down my expectations now. But will still get two pieces together.

I don't enter with the aim of winning. I looked at the winners and didn't think "no way" but rather "wow, what a great place to pitch my work". But you're right... a reputation is a terribly easy thing to lose. Already entered my Plagiosternum... and Stegosaurus will rise from the wreckage of my PC... no turning back now.

Weapon of Mass Imagination said...

David- I think there would some real interest in your 3D skeletal reconstructions. So definately go for it!

Sadly I'm not at the same point of skill yet.

davidmaas said...

btw... here's where I was at when the silicon hit the roof: