Sunday, September 27, 2009

MORE Sauropods in Art!

Ever seen something so good that you have to show people more of it yourself? Well such is the case with sauropods... I noticed Peter Bond's pose on Sauropods in art, and I'm really impressed by all the amazing art he was able to find. However, I've got a few more "Sauropods in Art" that I'd like to share with you all as well. These may be especially useful if you're into drawing titanosaurs...

Argentinosaurus compared to a human (by Aldo Chiappe)
Mid-Cretaceous Argentina
Grouping: Macronaria/Titanosauria/basal titanosaur (?Argentinosauridae?)

Head and skull of Rapetosaurus (by Mark Hallett)
Late Cretaceous Madagascar
Grouping: Macronaria/Titanosauria/Lithostrotia/Saltasauridae/Nemegtosaurinae

Rinconsaurus (by Stephen O'Connor)
Late Cretaceous Argentina
Grouping: Macronaria/Titanosauria/Lithostrotia/Lithostrotia incertae sedis

Jobaria (by Stephen O'Connor)
Early Cretaceous north Africa (Sahara)
Grouping: Macronaria/late-surviving basal macronarian (perhaps a Camarasaurid)

Mamenchisaurus youngi (by Stephen O'Connor)
Middle Jurassic China
Grouping: Eusauropoda (or perhaps Neosauropoda)/Euhelopodidae (or Mamenchisauridae)

Sauropoda (and some prosauropoda) by Brian Franczak.
See if you can find Dicraeosaurus, Diplodocus, Haplocanthosaurus, Camarasaurus, Isisaurus, Omeisaurus, Brachiosaurus, and Saltasaurus.

Nenquensaurus (by Andrey Atuchin)
Late Cretaceous Argentina
Grouping: Macronaria/Titanosauria/Lithostrotia/Saltasauridae

Janenschia (by Andrey Atuchin)
Late Jurassic Tanzania
Grouping: Macronaria/Titanosauria/basal titanosaur (or possibly Andesauridae)

Isisaurus (by Andrey Atuchin)
Early Cretaceous India
Grouping: Macronaria/Titanosauria/basal titanosaur

Diplodocus and hatchlings (by Mick Ellison)

Brachiosaurus altithorax (by Mark Hallett)
Late Jurassic Colorado & Wyoming, USA
Grouping: Macronaria/Brachiosauridae/Giraffatitanae

Futalognkosaurus dukei (by Julius T. Csotonyi)
Mid-Cretaceous Argentina
Grouping: Macronaria/Titanosauria/Lognkosauridae

Shunosaurus, Gasosaurus, and Huayangosaurus
(by Greg Paul - this is MOST of the full version)
Middle Jurassic China
Shunosaurus' grouping: Derived cetiosaurid/Transitional form

Apatosaurus herd (by Greg Paul) - an old-school yet still very accurate painting
Late Jurassic Colorado & Wyoming, USA
Grouping: Diplodocoidea/Flagellicaudata/Diplodocidae/Apatosaurinae

Apatosaurus rearing to feed (by Greg Paul) - classic version

Diplodocus herd fending off a river ambush by Allosaurus (by Greg Paul)
Late Jurassic Colorado & Wyoming, USA
Grouping: Diplodocoidea/Flagellicaudata/Diplodocidae/Diplodocinae

The Abelisaur Aucasaurus raids a titanosaur nest (by John Sibbick)
Mid-Cretaceous Argentina
Grouping: unknown - the sauropods here are just generic Patagonian titanosaurs.

A lone Ceratosaur observes An Apatosaurus stampede (by John Sibbick)

Chuanjiesaurus fends off Yangchuanosaurus (by Raul Martin)
Middle to Late Jurassic China
Conservative grouping: Eusauropoda/Mamenchisauridae
Radical grouping: Macronaria/Euhelopodidae/Mamenchisauridae (or perhaps somphospondyli?)

Pleurocoelus getting bitten by Acrocanthosaurus (by Greg Paul)
Early Cretaceous Texas, USA
Grouping: Macronaria/Brachiosauridae/Pleurocoelinae

Tendaguru Scene: Brachiosaurus (Giraffatitan) brancai and Dicraeosaurus hansemanni (by Greg Paul)
Late Jurassic Tanzania
Brachiosaurus grouping: Macronaria/Brachiosauridae/Giraffatitanae
Dicraeosaurus grouping: Diplodocoidea/Flagellicaudata/Dicraeosauridae

Camarasaurus, Barosaurus, and Apatosaurus feeding (by Greg Paul)
Late Jurassic Wyoming, USA

Diplodocus herd (by Raul Martin)