Monday, April 27, 2009

The Next Time Capsule

The people have spoken! The results of the next Gallery poll are in.

Our next Time Capsule will be:

Pterosaurs the flying reptiles, opening July. 1st.

Be sure to get in your take on everyone's favourite flying vertebrates. Send submissions to Also be sure to watch out for ART Evolved's summary of Pterosaurs in art. It might show you some takes you've never seen before, and give you some ideas for your own creation!

Finally be sure to have your say on the subject of the next capsule. The poll is located on the right sidebar.

You'll notice the choices are all invertebrates for September, which is only fair given the vertebrate domination of the galleries so far. We thought it fair that the majority of life get their shot to be recreated, as only a tiny percentage of organisms have ever had a bone of any kind in their bodies.