Monday, March 2, 2009

A Long Overdue Blog

Welcome one and all, to the brand new headquarters of Palaeo-Art on the internet!

This is a truly exciting moment. The accumulation of 4 months preparation and work!

What started off as an idea for a new internet carnival, quickly grew in scope and vision into something truly exciting and unique... The first ever blog dedicated solely to the art of recreating the prehistoric past.

Right from the get go it become obvious that to do such a blog correctly it was going to need multiple points of view. Who better to get outlooks on the subject of Palaeo-Art than Palaeo-Artists themselves. In addition to recruiting "the usual suspects" from the palaeo-blogging sphere, we also searched out and tracked down several previously "unknown" artists. Resulting in ART Evolved having a diverse team of incredibly talented individuals behind it.

Had it not been for the enthusiasm and gusto of this large group of virtual Palaeo-Artists, this site would not exist. I take a moment here to thank each and everyone of them for their participation!

Be sure to check out our member roster of bios. Also be prepared for their upcoming thoughts, insights, and methods on on and about the creation of palaeontologically themed art, that will soon be the meat of this site.

Our regular content will vary from tutorials helping you make own art, to reviews of existing art and artists, and/or scientific articles meant to help your prehistoric recreations be more realistic!
Then to every 2 months we will feature a new "Time-capsule" Gallery featuring the artworks of not just the ART Evolved crew, but of anyone and everyone who wishes to submit it!

So if you like to make art or are interested in Palaeontology please create an entry for these galleries. There is no limit to how many submissions you make, and there are no judgements or criteria on what will be posted.

As I leave you to now explore the site, please bear with us, as some parts of this site are not yet up or operational. Rome was of course not built in a day, and neither it would seem a multi member blog! If you notice anything we should fix please email us at

We look forward to the evolution that this blog will no doubt undergo and hopefully inspire in everyone's palaeo art, and we hope you join us for it!

Site Administrator

Craig Dylke